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Prospect Valley staff will be transitioning to new websites by the end of August. Thank you for your patience as we transition to the new Google Sites.

Grade Name Voice Mail Email Go to Website
Art  Aimee Burke  303-982-7515  Aimee.Burke
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Attendance Secretary  Oksana Donelson  303-982-7532  Oksana.Donelson
Band  Keith Harms  303-982-7823  Keith.Harms
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Cafeteria Mgr.  Paula Busby  303-982-7530  Paula.Busby
Clinic Aide  Brenda Cross  no VM  Brenda.Cross

Facilities Manager Dillon McConkey 303-982-7505
Financial Secretary  Lori Tenhulzen  303-982-0172  Lori.Tenhulzen
Grade K TBD 303-982-7517
Grade 1  Erin Marvel  303-982-7728  Erin.Duggan
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Grade 1  Emily Noone 303-982-7448
Grade 2  Amy Carmack  303-982-7522  Amy.Carmack
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Grade 2  Dawn Ramirez  303-982-7455  Dawn.Ramirez
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Grade 1  Colleen Clancy  303-982-9085  Colleen.Clancy
Grade 3  Jessica DiCroce  303-982-7554  Jessica.DiCroce
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Grade 2  Matt Krapfl 303-982-4591  Matthew.Krapfl

Grade 3  Sherry Becker  303-982-3000  Sherry.Becker
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Grade 4  Alexandra Rossi  303-982-2086  Alexandra.Rossi
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Grade 3  Laurey Mattox TBD Go to 
Grade 4  Alyson Harrell  303-982-0804  Alyson.Harrell

Grade 5  Jaqueline Roberts 303-982-9617  Jacqueline.Roberts

Grade 4  Clare Eisinger  303-982-7540  Clare.Eisinger
Grade 5  Gianna DelPiccolo TBD  Gianna.DelPiccolo
Grade 5  Deb Rhodes 303-982-7267  Deborah.Rhodes
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Grade TBD

Instructional Coach  Kristen Olson  303-982-6185  Kristen.Olson
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Kindergarten  Katie Sonnkalb  303-982-5156  Katie.Sonnkalb
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Kindergarten  Krista Stiveson  303-982-7709 Krista.Stiveson
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Music  Janelle Jerman  Janelle.Jerman
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Orchestra  Beth Letendre 303-982-7815  Beth.Schoening
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Paraprofessional  Becca Higgins  no VM  Becca.Higgins
Paraprofessional  Judy Sigg  no VM  Judy.Sigg
Paraprofessional  Kevin DeForrest  no VM  Kevin.DeForrest
Paraprofessional  Lisa Eklund  no VM  Lisa.Saraceno
Paraprofessional  Penny Brophy  no VM  Penny.Brophy
Paraprofessional  Samanatha Torres  no VM  Samantha.Torres

Shelley Pierce  no VM  Shelly.Pierce
 Student Support

Kelly Derosier  no VM
Parent Liaison  Cara Jakab  303-982-7745  Cara.Jakab
P.E.  Melissa Squiers  303-982-8890  Melissa.Squiers
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Principal  Bev Haynie 303-982-3675

SAE Leader  Liz Ponce Gonzalez  303-982-7498  Elizabeth.PonceGonzalez
Social Worker Amanda Clark 303-982-0572

Social Emotional Learning

Kristin Pullen
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Special Ed. Teacher  Marie Ottke  303-982-9345  Marie.Ottke
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Special Ed. Teacher  Mary Taylor  303-982-7374  Mary.Taylor
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Speech Language Teacher  Cindy DiPaola  303-982-1771  Cindy.DiPaola
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Teacher Librarian  Amy O'Neill  303-982-5386  Amy.ONeill
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Technology Aide  Jennifer Holton  no VM  Jennifer.Holton
Tutor  Katie Bauer  no VM  Katie.Bauer

 Jan Hutton no VM
 GT Tutor

 Deb Simpson  no VM
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